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Did You Know…
The light from a hair removal laser passes through the skin and is absorbed by the hair follicle. The laser energy is absorbed by the hair follicle and is destroyed. Since people have different skin colors, we need to have lasers with a variety of colors of laser light.
The same laser that is used for hair removal, can get rid of toe nail fungus.
The idea behind the CoolSculpt machine started after doctors noticed that children who sucked on popsicles lost the fat in their cheeks without damage to the skin. It is amazing what can develop from a simple observation.
Just before the laser is fired, a jet of frozen air is sent to the skin to protect the skin from the laser energy and to decrease the pain.
Neurotoxins are medications developed from the bacteria known as clostridium botulinum. Researchers noticed that people infected with this bacterium had suffered muscle weakness. Dysport and Botox have been developed from this discovery.
A tan can absorb some of the energy of laser light and prevent the laser light from reaching the hair follicle. Do not get a tan before laser hair removal.
The word “Cosmetic” is derived from the Greek word “Kosmos” which means “of this world.”
In the past some doctors tried to dye the patient hair dark so that more of the laser energy would be absorbed by the hair and thereby the laser would more effectively remove the hair. Unfortunately, it did not work because the dye did not reach the hair follicle.
In the 1450s, women would shave their pubic hair to get rid of lice. And then they would have a pubic hair wig made as a replacement.

Sclerotherapy for Varicose and Spider Veins

Veins, Veins Go Away

 Wear shorts and skirts again with confidence. Sclerotherapy treats spider and varicose veins often in just one treatment. It’s fast, painless, effective and requires no downtime. Depending on how quickly your veins respond to treatment, your varicose or spider veins could be invisible in just a few days.

Our patients choose Sclerotherapy to treat both painful and visible veins, and it’s effective on large and small veins. Sclerotherapy works by using a micro needle to inject a solution into the veins to seal off the flow of blood. Once sealed, the veins turn into scar tissue, which fades and finally disappears, leaving no trace of it at the surface. While you’ll probably notice up to an 80% visible improvement after one treatment, there are occasions where the same vein may need additional treatments to disappear.

Are they varicose or spider veins?

Varicose veins are enlarged flesh colored, dark purple or blue veins that can swell and cause pain. Often, they bulge on the skin’s surface, twisting like cords. Varicose veins are commonly found on the backs of the calves or on the inside of the leg. Standing or sitting for long periods of time, hormonal fluctuations, obesity and age put you at risk for varicose veins.

Spider veins tend to be red or blue, are smaller and occur on the legs and face. They have the appearance of spider webs and can cover a small or large area. Hormone changes, family genetics and sun exposure can bring on spider veins.

What about laser treatment?

Laser treatment for varicose and spider veins is an option, too. The first step is to schedule your consultation with your doctor. We will evaluate your veins and goals, and then suggest the best and most effective way to help your veins disappear and you feel great showing off your legs.

Our consultations are always complimentary. Schedule yours by contacting us today at (831) 869-8865 or use our convenient contact form.