We Think Not.

There are plenty of reasons that women want laser hair removal while they’re pregnant. Maybe it’s because it’s a routine thing that they normally do, and they don’t necessarily want to stop. Maybe it’s because the new hormones are causing crazy hair growth in strange places. Maybe it’s because they need to feel a little more attractive during a vulnerable time. Or maybe it’s because they can’t reach their legs over their belly to shave them. Whatever the reason, many pregnant women find themselves asking is it okay to get laser hair removal while I’m pregnant?

A reputable laser hair removal specialist would answer no. This is due to the fact that it’s simply better to be safe than sorry. While there’s no real evidence to support laser hair removal being a danger to your unborn baby, it’s still a topic on which most professionals agree that it’s better to wait rather than risk any harm to your child. After all, it used to be perfectly acceptable for women to smoke during pregnancy.

However, if you search hard enough, you’ll find laser hair removal specialists who will treat pregnant women anyway. We don’t advise this, but if you’re absolutely determined, then at least avoid any topical anesthetic creams that you might be given to soothe the laser heat. This cream can be absorbed in your system and may be a risk to your baby.

As laser hair removal specialists, we at Fremont Laser encourage mommies-to-be to hold off until their pregnancy and breastfeeding period is over to begin or resume laser hair removal. It’s only a few months to wait, and your baby’s safety always comes first. While smooth legs and a perfect bikini line may sound tempting, you have plenty of time to undergo laser hair removal post delivery.

If you have any more questions about laser hair removal during pregnancy or anything at all regarding laser hair removal, please feel free to contact us at Monterey Laser & Skin Care!